21 December 2009

All the time in the world...

In my blog reading, I keep finding these amazingly fun projects that I would LOVE to do (If I had all the time in the world....

While reading Nesting Place, I came across this project that I really feel like Tyler and I would have a blast with.

While cruising Live a Colorful Life, I found this awesome half eaten gingerbread ornament that I plan to start right after Christmas (gotta finish the Christmas gift knitting) and besides, then I'll have time to do it for the tree for next year.

And while looking on Etsy this week, I found several people who are making Button Letters...I'm totally planning mine (since I can't see spending that much money on something I can make). Instead of a pillow, I'm making mine a wall hanging!

This one's by Letter Perfect Designs
If you have any other super fun projects that I should add to my to do list, please feel free to leave them in a comment!!

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