12 September 2008

I'm a free agent...unfortunately

I applied for, interviewed for and was rejected for a position as a 7th Grade Academic Block (Language Arts and World History) Teacher...I know that God has a plan for everyone's life and I learned from Maria VonTrapp that when God closes one door, he will always open a window and that if we ever want to make God laugh we should just tell Him our plans, and all those other catchy little phrases designed to help a rejected person feel better...but it still stinks to lose out on a chance at a great job.

On a more positive note--I am going great guns on my knitting...I have one hat almost done (all it needs now is to be sewn from a flat piece of knitted fabric into a shapely hat), a second hat 1/2 way knit and one small yellow slipper nearly completed. I have learned that I do not really follow a pattern well. Rather than thinking of myself as a "crappy pattern follower" I choose to view myself as an innovative, creative, free-knitting improviser. It's working for me so far...but let's see if the same holds true for when I try knitting a cable.

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Susan said...

OK I need to know how to turn a flat piece of knitting into a hat. My scarf is never going to be long enough to be a scarf, so maybe it could be a hat? Or maybe a doll afgan...