28 October 2013

Random row


3  [rou]  Show IPA
a noisy dispute or quarrel; commotion.
noise or clamor.

You know your child has been reading too many British novels when, upon being asked if he knows what a row is, a vigorous, boisterous, noisy reenactment of an actual row ensues.  

The other day,  Tyler and I were listening to an audio book of Harry Potter and the word "row" came up.  Being the teacher type I am I usually sneak in questions about what does xyz mean?  How can abc be applied in our life?  Is that an accurate assessment of this situation?    

Anyway, I asked what he thought "row" meant...I was fully expecting him to say "a fight" or "an argument."  What I got was SOOOO much better.  Tyler acted out a full on screeching, gesticulating, two sided row.  It was fantastic!  I should have recorded it, but I was too busy laughing on the floor (literally).

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