02 April 2013

Nature's Bounty

Last Friday, my friend's mother offered me some strawberries since she had been given more than she felt she could eat. Although I didn't measure or weigh or in any other way document how much I received, I was told that she got four pounds, she gave me half that and then I gave some to my friend to take home with her....I'm pretty sure I brought home about a pound of strawberries. And boy were they delicious! I polished those puppies off on Monday night and then was offered some more. Never one to turn down fresh (and free!) produce, I brought them home with me and ate some for breakfast.  I had the brainstorm to turn some of my remaining bounty into a longer lasting treat. I remember when I was growing up making strawberry freezer jam with my mom and how I loved having it on toast. I cooked this batch up tonight while Ty was doing his homework.
I had just a smidgen of homemade ice cream left to smother with the bit of jam left in the mixing bowl.  Wow!  After making this again, I think it's a great idea for people to homemaker their own condiments every now and again to keep in touch with what goes into their mouth.  2 cups of strawberry moosh to 4 cups of sugar!,,


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JHNickodemus said...

Hahaha yah the first time I saw jam made I was in shock! Yum yum looks delicious!