04 October 2011

Awwww. They're friends!

I started Nerd Wars this weekend and the first challenge I chose to tackle was the Colortastic challenge. Basically, any project with two or more colored yarns. I've been longing to learn to crochet for a while simply so I could make granny squares. I find them to be sooooo charming and fabulous! So, I decided this challenge was the perfect opportunity to give it a go. I started on Saturday and it's growing so fast! I'm loving the colors--as Jessie says, "It's a party!"

Since these are totally Jessie's colors, it makes perfect sense that she should make one too! I'm a little sad that hers is almost as big as mine and I started mine waaaay before her, but I'm learning to live with it. (It's not a race, but I'm totally losing!)

The other great thing is that this is a Stashy Sunday project since i've had this yarn just waiting for a prefect project. I think a granny square is just right!

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JHRME said...

Um you are so way ahead of me.