19 October 2010

Closing Weekend.

It is always bittersweet to close down Lakeview Cottages for the winter. I love to spend time up there and enjoy the post-season quiet of the mountain, but dang is it a lot of work! This closing weekend, due to a rainy weekend a few weeks ago, we were still painting the two cabins slated to be painted this season. Dad painted Cabin G (he was a professional painter ;-) and thus has an airless sprayer which means he does all the "whole-cabin-at-a-time" painting.)

Tyler, Mom and I painted the trim on Cabin E (that one was sprayed a few weekends ago)
Duane and Uncle George got some amazing log splitting done with the help of some Keola teens raising money for a missions trip.
Cindy and Cheri painted trim on some of the one bedroom cabins and Mark, Dad, George and Duane worked on getting things ready for winter. It's a big task to maintain these cabins, but really...if you've got to be working--That's the place to be doing it!!!

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