22 June 2010


Today I am giddy! So giddy that I have that whole fluttery body syndrome that makes you want to just jump up and hug someone and say, "Can you believe it?!?!" The source of my giddyness is simple...I'm a winner.

A few months ago, someone on Ravelry posted about a new blog that was dedicated solely to GIVING THINGS AWAY...Knitterly things...The blog is YarnOnTheHouse and I am one of the winners of Giveaway # 21!! When I first saw my name listed as the winner of the circular needle organizer, I though, yeah...sure...it's probably some other Tanya...But then I clicked on the link and MY blog popped up. (That's when the giddy feeling started.)

Since then I have sent off a message to let them know where I live and now I wait...wait for the giddy feeling to subside...wait for my insides to stop jumping around...wait to stop feeling like an idiot for getting so excited about winning...wait for my needle organizer!

Oh Yay!

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Anonymous said...

Oh sweet giddiness! Congratulations. What fun to be known as a WINNER.