05 May 2010

Jonas and his Merry Band of Men

Now, this really is a BBC Show that I have been really enjoying (as opposed to Legend of the Seeker, which I've been enjoying, but which is not BBC). "Robin Hood" is a legend that has always fascinated me...the idea of a Nobleman who could have had all the riches, comforts, and luxuries he was entitled to if only he would have toed the party line...But Nay! He had principles and sacrificed to live for those principles. And of course there's the love story...Robin+Marian= True Love forever! (or in my mind, Jonas+Tanya). Well, in this BBC version of the legend, Robin Hood is played by a very handsome Brit (ok, really he was born in Ireland, raised in England, so I'm not sure if he considers himself Brit or Irish) named Jonas Armstrong:
He's very sassy and heroic and sexy to boot! I was raving about this show to my sister and she asked if I would still like the show if the actors did not have British accents...Well, yes and no...I think a classic British tale needs to be played by Brits...or at least people who can put on a credible English accent. So, while I still would have like the show, I like it much better with accents.
And lest you think I just like him in his Robin Hood woodsman outfits, here he is in Real Life(again, as real as actor's photos get).
Other notable actors in the show are Richard Armitage (who plays a really good bad guy that you really want to see the good in) and Keith Allen (Sheriff of Nottingham...He's Really good as an evil guy). Also quite handsome in the show are Harry Lloyd (who is aparently descended from Charles Dickens) and Joe Armstrong (not related to Jonas, but how confusing would it have been to have a Joe Armstrong and a Jonas Armstrong on set at the same time?)

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