26 April 2010

You'll like these mom!

We were shopping at Target this weekend in the dollar section. As I was walking around to look at the different items, I heard Tyler's voice ring out, "You'll like these Mom! It's yarn!" When I went to see what he was talking about, he was holding out two packages of twine! He dropped two in and said, "Here, you can buy two skeins!" But then later decided that I needed a third skein.

Then on Sunday evening Tyler was getting ready for bed in some flannel puppy pajamas when Auntie Kiki told him he needed to watch out or his pajama puppies might bite him. His reply? "Nonetheless, I'll be too High!" (which has nothing to do with an altered state as a result of herbal enhancements and everything to do with altitude) When I asked him where he had heard the word "nonetheless" he replied that it was from Knitting Podcast, of course.

Of course...

These two events, occurring so closely together and fresh in my mind, make me contemplate the external influences that can make an impact in the life this small being whom God has charged me with raising. Just a small reminder to continue to expose Tyler to the good things in life and try to shield him (as much as possible!) from the bad things in life.

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Maggie said...

In that case, he needs to spend a lot more time with his Grandparents.