08 February 2009

He's in the doghouse!

Tyler that is...His new thing these days is to pretend that he's a puppy...and in his role as a puppy, he really feels as though he needs to sleep in a doghouse rather than his bed. Now, it doesn't really matter to me where he sleeps because even though I know that a bed is more more comfortable than the floor, he seems to prefer the floor...even more so since he now has a dog house.

His other thing that is rather odd for a 3 year old is his desire to have a face mask (or scarf) when he's falling asleep....

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Maggie said...

The doghouse sure makes him happy, eh? There has never been a time that I can recall that Tyler has not wanted the whole picture. If he was playing baseball, he wanted the bat, mitt, ball, a hat, appropriate baseball socks and pants. Once he becomes aware that there are accessories, he wants them all. Now that he is spending so much time as a puppy, of COURSE he needs a dog house.